I think my Mac mini has contracted my fear of doctors and medical procedures.  I finally had the chance to bring her (yeah, I gave my computer a gender) to the service center, and for the second time, she showed no signs of illness when the technician checked her.

The first time I brought my mini to a service center a year ago, there was really nothing wrong…just an embarrassing moment of sheer stupidity for me.  This time around, there really is something wrong – the blinking folder with a question mark icon at startup.  That’s either a system or a harddisk failure.  I first attempted to bring it to Power Mac Greenbelt on the day of the Manila Pen siege.  That didn’t work out well, for obvious reasons.  So I finally got it checked on Saturday afternoon, where I was really puzzled because it worked perfectly!  The technician turned it on and off several times without any problem whatsoever.  The last time I turned it on was Wednesday night, and it still showed the question mark.  After turning it off (without doing anything else to it), I placed it inside my backpack, and never took it out again until that Saturday in the service center.

Hmm…maybe my mini got scared of the technician?  Or of getting a repair?  Just like the owner. 😀  I’d like to think it’s my little Christmas miracle.

It’s been several days now and it’s still running perfectly.  Maybe it’s just my imagination or a psychological thing, but I think it’s working even better now.  I’m really puzzled as to what really happened and I’m not yet sure if my Mac is really 100% ok.  But one thing is sure…I’ve already backed up my files just in case. 😀  That’s the first thing I did after getting home last Saturday.