A while back, I wrote a post listing things that I have never done, and I forgot to include bowling. Well, I finally went bowling at Rockwell three weeks ago. Not voluntarily, mind you. It was an office activity, held during office hours so I really had no choice. A lot of people enjoy bowling, but I have an issue with the weight of the ball in relation to my thin arms and small bones. I have this vision of bones breaking once I swing my arms and flick my wrist to release the ball. Watching too many comedies and my own clumsiness also made me think about the possibility of sliding on my belly on the bowling lane along with the ball. I enjoy outdoor sports more. I used to say ‘make me climb a mountain, rappel down a cliff or jump off a plane but don’t make me go bowling’. I am actually scared of bowling!

Thank God none of my fears came to pass, but I own one-half of the most embarrassing moments. As I swung my arm backwards in preparation for the release, the ball slipped out of my fingers and rolled backwards, opposite of the bowling lane. What a teasing I got! The same thing happened to one of my officemates, but I think his was more embarrassing. The ball rolled towards the other lane, and interfered with another person’s (a stranger) turn.

Oh yes, I sucked at the game, but I also really enjoyed it. Huh…who would’ve thought? I guess that’s one fear conquered, and I definitely wouldn’t be saying no anymore the next time my friends invite me to go bowling. Who knows, I might even be the one to ask them this time around. 😀

Evidence that it really happened:

Of course I chose the lightest ball…and also because it’s orange 😀

The gang

My crappy score (23) preserved for all time on digital image. Hey, I scored 48 on the second round!

When’s the next game? Bring it on!