We haven’t put up a tree at home for several years now.  I’m not saying that we’re not decorating for Christmas.  On the contrary, we have more decorations now…but no Christmas tree.  And we’re not alone.  A lot of people I know also haven’t put up a Christmas tree in the last few years.

It all started when we realized that we’ve had the same Christmas tree since I was a child.  My dad felt that it was already too old and some parts of it are already falling off, and he didn’t feel like buying a new one.  He also felt that the Advent wreath more accurately symbolizes the true meaning of Christmas.  So that’s what we’ve had the past few years – an Advent wreath with real one pink and three purple candles that we light every Sunday, then replace with one white candle after Christmas.  It was a very good change in tradition because it somehow made me feel the Christmas spirit even more.

There’s no Christmas tree at home, but I’m still in high spirits as ever on my favorite time of the year.  I can’t wait for the fireworks after Christmas Eve Mass and Noche Buena.