I moved to my new job so fast that I forgot to even write about it.  I started just two days after my last day in my previous job.   The adjustment period in terms of having someone to talk to in the office was very easy since I’m already good friends with two people here – my officemates in the previous job, hehe!  And at last, I’m not the only writer in the office!   In case you’re wondering, I’m now working at a mobile media company.  I can’t give more details yet since we’re still preparing for the launch of our brand, but I’ll probably write more about it once we’re ‘all systems go’.

What I like about my job now is that I have the opportunity to write about almost anything I like.  And I’m back to the freedom and relaxed atmosphere that I had when I worked at a graphic design agency.  But I guess it comes with a price.  We have the big challenge of promoting our service and making it successful.  I’m excited!  That kind of challenge was the one thing that was missing from my previous job.

I’m on my second week now and I’m liking it so far.  It’s our Christmas party later, then off to a nice, long Christmas weekend.  Yey! 😀