A little over an hour before our office Christmas party was due to start, the building’s (Pacific Star) big belen caught fire.

Here are pictures taken using my cell phone:




That roof deck above was where we had our party. Yes, it pushed through, but started a bit late. My officemate and I were on the 6th floor to see if we could buy gift wrapper at 7-11. We had just entered the foodcourt when we saw a number of people looking outside, and then they started running towards the exit. We ran along with them when we heard them say that there’s a fire in the building. Some were warning us not to panic. We thought that we’re lucky to have our wallet and cell phone with us at that time. That’s really all we’ll ever need in case the fire escalates and we can’t go back to the office. The lobby smelled heavily of smoke when we reached it. There were no more flames when we saw the belen, but there was still thick smoke – and the firemen haven’t arrived yet. Caught in traffic, probably.

I still have bad memories of fire during the Christmas season. Just last year, there was a big fire on our street the day after Christmas. I hope there won’t be such incidents anymore.