For the first time ever, I completed the required number of stickers and redeemed my Starbucks planner. Many thanks to the double-the-sticker promo, other coffee-drinking friends, Tin’s brother, and the kindness of two strangers who passed on their stickers to me.

The only other time I had the Starbucks planner was the year that they introduced it. Tintin gave one each to me and Rebs as her Christmas gift. I attempted to collect stickers the last two years (helped by the Peppermint Mocha addiction, hehe), but didn’t really put much effort into it. I didn’t even ask Tin-the-coffee-addict to complete my sticker card, though she could easily and willingly do it. But this year, I somehow wanted the planner. I simply liked the cover, that’s it. And I usually get what I want. 😀

In keeping with the Starbucks topic, here’s one of my favorite photos this year:


I’m happy today…because I also got a Powerbooks gift certificate in the office kris kringle. 🙂 Can’t wait for the long New Year weekend.