A happy new year to all! 🙂

Allow me to look back on a year that had a little bit more activity than 2006.  2007 kept me on the ground, meaning no new places visited 😦 , but meeting new people and forming bonds with them made up for the unslaked wanderlust.  The 2nd month of the year brought me to a new job, while the 12th month saw me leaving it and moving on to another.  2007 brought the usual highs and lows – hopes dashed but dreams renewed and new paths opened.  People lost, people found.  Letting go there, holding on here.  Another year in singledom, haha!  2007 was also the year when I got so mad at a particular person that I refused to speak to him unless absolutely necessary and at curt tones at that.  (I am normally not the type to get really angry at someone, but when I do…the person just no longer exists to me.)  There are times when I didn’t feel good about what I was doing, but I got my vindication in the end.  And the lightness I felt at just letting go of it reinforced my ‘live and let live’ way of life.  2007 was a balanced scale for me.  Lose some, win some.  Every negative quickly begets something positive.  A mostly calm year.

And the year ahead?  Glad that I am for sedate 2007, I want this year to be more alive.  In the past year, I sometimes felt like I was in suspended reality.  There were so many things I hoped for and planned for, but it was always for next year, for when I have more time, for when I have more money, for when whatever… No more of that this year!

To end this on a positive note, I’d like send out my thanks to everyone who made my past year special:  old friends who still surprise me every now and then; new friends who brought something different to my life; online pals – both friends IRL and those who remain names on my screen – who play dual roles of friends and teachers; and the family that is always my rock.

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about the year ahead and I’m glad!   😀