Last night, while waiting for the episode of Chef to Go (where not only the food is yummy 😉 , I was able to see the tail-end of the QTV show, Pinaka.   They featured the  most memorable Pinoy sitcoms, but I was only able to catch the number one show, which was John en Marsha.  I suddenly remembered another beloved sitcom from my childhood – Ang Manok ni San Pedro.  I wondered if it was on the list.

I was filled with visions of Ugis, the white-feathered rooster that Teban (played by Lito Pimentel) got from San Pedro, while a line from the show’s theme song kept playing inside my head:  “Ang manok ni San Pedro, na ugis ang balahibo…”  If I remember my Ilonggo correctly, ‘ugis’ means ‘white’.  Geez, what I’d give to have a DVD set of this sitcom, haha!  Hmm…I think somebody’s gonna be emailing the Nostalgia Manila blogger to feature this sitcom  😀