I was down with a bad case of colds and cough last week and didn’t go to work for two days. So what do you do when you’re stuck at home? Have a DVD marathon! I watched Love Actually, one of my favorite films – and drooled over Rodrigo Santoro. A Rodrigo Santoro with glasses! Now why is that last statement significant? Uhh…just my little thing for tall, slim, handsome men with glasses. 😀

I once read a Pugad Baboy comic strip with one of the characters saying that Lois Lane has got to be the stupidest reporter. Reporters are supposed to be very keen but she failed to recognize Clark as Superman, when the only change in appearance that he did was to remove his glasses (and fix his hair).

Popular belief dictates that Superman is supposed to be more handsome since he ditched the glasses. I beg to disagree. In fact, I actually prefer Clark Kent to Superman. There are so many other handsome (or even just nice-looking) men with glasses who, when they remove the glasses, turn uhm…let’s just say they look a hell of a lot better with the specs on. There are also the average-looking guys who turn into handsome men when they put on glasses. And there are the already gorgeous guys who move a notch up the hotness ladder just by plunking glasses on their noses. Yes, guys like Rodrigo Santoro. 😉