The Saturday girls’ day out started ominously.  Barely 15 minutes into it and smoke was coming out of the hood of Tintin’s car – overheating!  Of all days, it had to be the one when the water container in the trunk was empty!   We were very near the intersection of C.P. Garcia St. and University Avenue in UP Diliman.  We stopped on the side of the road and mulled over what to do.  Our choices:  reverse a few meters to where Tintin thought she once saw a faucet; make the car limp (and pray very hard we make it) to the Shell service station about 100 meters away (via a straight line, but the thing is, we have to make a rather far u-turn); or head to the checkpoint 25 meters away to beg, borrow or buy water from the guards.  We picked the last option.  They had no water but directed us to ISSI, the nearest building, which had a faucet in the parking lot.  To cap our ‘kawawa’ feeling, it was also raining!  At least we were not alone.  The ISSI parking lot seemed to have turned into an emergency bay that morning.  Another car pulled up shortly and the driver got out to check his left front tire.

After the emergency water treatment, we brought the car to the Shell service station (Commonwealth Ave.).  The mechanic checked it and said that a part (forgot the name already) had to be replaced. The nearest auto supply store was at Ever Gotesco, a good 10-15 minutes away!  We were ready to take a cab going there and back to the station, when another mechanic checked the car, tried several ways to get the fan (the one on the right) running and finally declared that it was shot – a motor problem.  According to him, the car could still make it home to Marikina.  So that’s what we proceeded to do, only we kept missing the u-turn slots at Commonwealth since we were not familiar with the area, and we ended up on the Tandang Sora flyover!  You could just imagine the cursing and the screaming inside the car.  Worst possible timing to get lost.  We finally got on the right road, taking the Tandang Sora Ave. route back to Katipunan.  However, we got caught in really bad traffic and had to turn back to the talyer that we passed a few meters back.  Blessing in disguise – they had the part that the car needed!  So, after almost an hour in the shop, the fan was replaced and the car was running perfectly again.  Really hungry (it was already past one in the afternoon), we drove on to Trinoma, our original destination.  But that killed our planned “mall tour” – Trinoma, Rockwell, then dinner at Serendra.  We only had enough time left to comb through the shops at Trinoma (our first time to do so at that mall).  Perhaps the overheating car was a message for us not to spend too much.  😀