I accidentally deleted all messages in my cellphone this morning, including the archives.  That’s quite a catastrophe considering that I’ve had my phone for three years already, and I’ve stored some important details in the archives folder.  As of now, what I can recall that were deleted were my PhilHealth number and the username and password of my Internet connection.  Those are retrievable, but what a hassle.  Not to mention the irretrievables, like the beautiful messages from loved ones.

Though I had a moment of panic and a sense of loss after the accidental deletion, there is also a positive side to it.  It only seemed to reinforce my feeling that this is the year that I’m really beginning on a clean slate and filling it with wonderful new things.  The tail-end of last year and the beginning of this one have brought a lot of changes, some by design and some purely accidental…or maybe incidental to the changes I’ve made myself.  New job, new people, new haircut, evolving fashion sense (I’m finally weaning myself – but not completely – from the old fallback jeans-t-shirt-sneakers combo), two practically booked trips within the first half of the year, reinventing rediscovered clothes buried in my closet, new clothes (dresses and a skirt).  Some are trivial stuff, but they just seem to indicate a different, interesting year ahead.  Come to think of it, leap years have actually been good to me.  I think I had a good 1998, and 2000 and 2004 were definitely great years.

Maybe having all the old messages in my phone deleted also signifies the deletion of unnecessary details in my life, the ones that have held me back.  I wish all of us would always have year-openers like this.