The Pasig City Traffic Police just f*cked up Makati/South-bound motorists at C5-Bagong Ilog this morning.  They closed a 50-meter stretch of road for no apparent reason.  No accident, no event, no VIPs…they probably just felt like doing it.  No wonder the traffic leading to that portion was horrendous!  Vehicles had to make a left turn at some corner, wind through narrow side streets that are definitely unfamiliar to most, and end up at another corner where you are unsure whether to turn right and find a u-turn slot or make a left turn back to C5.  Our driver saw a car turn left earlier so he figured it was ok since the traffic police also weren’t signaling motorists to turn right.  We also couldn’t see a ‘No left turn’ sign.  We were halfway through the left turn when the traffic police suddenly stopped us and arrogantly asked the driver, “Bakit ka kumakaliwa?”  What the…

The traffic police pointed to a ‘No left turn’ sign, which was not easily visible to motorists from our side of the road.  Our driver missed it, so did the two of us in the passenger seat.  Three people who actively searched for it missed the sign – I guess you could safely say that it wasn’t anywhere near visible.  Almost all the passengers in the FX argued with the police to just let us through since it was an honest mistake, which really wasn’t even the driver’s fault.  It was pointed out that they closed the road for no evident reason and rerouted traffic with no advance notice whatsoever; they should have had the decency to provide very clear directions, or at least excuse motorists who unwittingly make wrong turns.  Everyone was already on a short straw since we were already late for work due to a stupid, senseless scheme.  Then again, try being logical to the Philippine traffic police.  They don’t even know the meaning of the word.

It gets worse.  When the passengers argued with him, the traffic police said that he’ll just let the driver off with a warning.  He just wants to see a license.  He also addressed our complaint that he wasn’t apprehending the other vehicles making a left turn after us.  So he stopped another FX.  Well and good, right?  Supposedly.  But the driver of that FX was in prime fighting form.  He argued loudly and quite rudely so I guess the policeman lost his temper and decided to ticket both drivers!  Worse, he processed the second driver first – filling out the ticket VERY slowly!  And from his mien, he did it intentionally to piss us off, the passengers who dared argue with him.  I had a good view of all the proceedings from my front seat so I tried to sneak a picture of this asshole of a policeman.  Though he was engrossed with his task and I was very subtle about it, he seemed to catch on and quickly turned his back and moved away, to an area where no one could photograph him easily.  The picture of guilt.

We were finally able to drive away after 15 minutes (it actually felt longer).  Getting apprehended and ticketed for a traffic violation shouldn’t have taken that long!  Motorists passing through Pasig, beware of a chubby, dark, chinky-eyed traffic policeman.  He is every bit as arrogant as he looks.  A grade-A asshole.

From the looks of it, there was a grand scheme this morning.  Close a portion of a major thoroughfare during rush hour, make motorists take a detour through unfamiliar streets, don’t give advance warning and don’t provide directions, and let them exit through an intersection with no clearly visible signs.  Many are then bound to get confused and make wrong turns…then go for the kill!  It’s rush hour, people want to just get it over with and head to work, so they’ll most likely pay up so they can quickly go on their way.  That takes care of the day’s earnings.  For those who choose to reason out or argue with you…well, harass and delay them even further just for kicks – because they dared question you.

And I thought we lived in a democratic, civilized society…