I just had one of those weekends that you can’t conclude whether it’s a good or a bad one.  Saturday was a lazy day…with a headache in the afternoon.  Sunday started with a tension-filled morning that had me thinking of some once-tightly knit relationships unraveling.  But cliche as it may, blood is indeed thicker than water and we had a very pleasant lunch interjected with some ‘will they or will they not’ moments.  I miss our family gatherings now that we’re scattered all over.  Later in the afternoon, we headed to Antipolo to visit one of my favorite relatives, Lola Menang.  I could have enjoyed the whole thing better, but the cold that plagued me a couple of weeks ago came back with a vengeance.  Half the time, all I could think of was just heading home and sacking out.  It was good though that I had a nap at my uncle’s house before we went to Antipolo.

My tita’s staying with us for a month before she goes back to New York, so I wonder what the next few weekends will bring.  I hope it won’t drive me so crazy that I’m screaming at the end of it all.