Yesterday was just supposed to be a nothing-out-of-the-ordinary afternoon coffee with the girls. Instead, I had a short, but very pleasant reunion with 3 high school classmates who I haven’t seen in years! It’s been so long that I can’t even remember the last time I saw Marie, Jo, and Charisse. My friends and I were supposed to meet at Seattle’s Best Katipunan, across Ateneo. But then Rebs texted us and told us that she’ll be late – she’s still in the parlor – and could we just meet her instead at Starbucks beside Rustan’s (across Miriam) because she ran into our 3 classmates there. She thought it would be great for us to hang out with one another, even for just a while.

We were seated at one of the tables outside, looking across at our old school. I can’t remember anymore what stood on that spot back in high school. What I remember was that there was a Greenwich a few doors down, at the corner of Katipunan and B. Gonzalez. It was owned by the family of one of my classmates. That was pre-Jollibee ownership Greenwich. That was the time when the only places we could go to in Katipunan are McDonald’s, Shakey’s, Tia Maria’s, Bun on The Run and Shoppersville. It felt good talking to Marie, Jo and Charisse. If there are family friends, then our barkada and their barkada are “barkada friends”. Marie and I found it odd that we haven’t seen each other for several years now since we live just a street and a block away from each other! Our paths just never cross. While talking to them, I also realized that I actually missed them and that after all that had transpired in our lives, it felt great to again be with people who have been with me in simpler and more innocent days.

It took a funny turn when we started catching up on our lives (read: civil status). All of them are now married, and they all have sons. On my barkada’s end, all the kids are girls, and more are still single…as in super single! There was talk of switching wombs so they can have daughters and my friends can have sons. Hmm…maybe we could just have a soiree for the kids when they hit their teens. 😀

And why does it seem like every barkada has a perenially late character? Theirs is Tracy, ours is Rebs. We were able to hang out for a while because they were still waiting for Tracy. On our part, Tin and I were waiting for Rebs to finish getting her hair done in the parlor above Starbucks.

The fun continued after they left. We moved to Seattle’s Best…where I saw a gorgeous guy…who turned out to be Tin’s officemate…who turned out to be gay! Darn! Where have all the gorgeous straight guys gone? Oh well, I already had a good weekend anyway, no sense in dwelling on that. 😀