Today is this blog’s first birthday.  Technically, I started blogging around July 2006, but I ported over some of the entries from my previous blog to this one and chose to maintain this blog on February 5, 2007.  This date also happens to be my mom’s death anniversary, but that one is pure coincidence.

Once in a while, I browse through my previous blog and it’s interesting to see the development and the twists and turns of my blog.  I really am an anything under the sun blogger.  I guess it also reflects the way that I usually describe myself – a human mass of contradictions.  Just look at what I wrote in my Friendster profile: a city rat but loves the countryside; a homebody but can’t wait to get on the next plane, train, bus, boat, whatever; a shy chatterbox.  I’ll never be one of those people who always react the same way, think and feel about things the same way, and do things the same way…and the same goes for this blog.

When I read my first few blog posts, I realized how much of a blogging newbie I was back then…or maybe even until now.  I never really cared about being one of the top blogs.  When I started blogging, I just wanted some place to write where people would surely read what I’ve written.  Sometimes I write with an audience in mind, and sometimes I write just what I feel like writing since my blog also doubles as my personal journal and a way to update friends about what’s going on in my life.  Some of the stuff I’ve written here may be inconsequential to the general public, but then again, you never know when it may actually prove informative to some person out there.  Once of these days I’ll write a post about the interesting search terms that have lead people to this blog.  Offhand, one of the most popular is ‘pick-up lines’.  Hmm…when the geeky mood hits me I just might make a simple study profiling my blog and its readers based on the search terms.  I don’t know if it makes sense, but it’s fun anyway.