Yesterday was so hot that it felt like summer has set in. It’s only the first week of February, when we’re supposed to have among the coldest days of the year, and yet it’s been so hot these past few days. Oh well, not summer hot, but still…hot for early February. I’m a cold weather creature so you can guess that this not sitting well with me. What’s making it worse is that it’s almost freezing cold inside our building (don’t even think about forgetting your jacket), but then it’s hot and humid when we go outside.  Then suddenly, it’s cold again today.  Those who refuse to believe that global warming and climate change is already upon us ought to be convinced by now.

My dad and I have a theory about the heat. He has observed that whenever Holy Week is early, the summer heat also sets in early. I’ve also observed that Ash Wednesday has always been traditionally hot, and I proved it again yesterday. So, by that limited evidence, we flimsily conclude that the start of the Lenten season is also the unofficial start of summer.

Heat aside, I wouldn’t mind an early start to the summer if only so that my 2 scheduled trips would come sooner. This summer, Capiz and Takatuka Lodge in Sugar Beach, Sipalay, Negros Occidental beckon. Can’t wait! 🙂