Boy, did that not sound right coming from a Macgirl like me!  Ok, maybe not love, but I really do like it, specifically the totally new interface.  I’m using the black color scheme right now, and it’s just elegant.  Another term not usually associated with Microsoft products.  I like it visually, but I’m still getting the hang of it in terms of usability.  There’s some learning curve there since they moved everything around.  In terms of interface design though, it’s almost like it didn’t come from Microsoft.  It still doesn’t approximate the Flash wonder of Adobe Buzzword, but that’s a different story.

What I love in particular is OneNote.  My officemate tipped me off on this one, and I’ve been using it ever since to make notes and write my drafts, switching to Word only when it’s time to submit the final version to the boss.  It automatically saves everything so no need to worry about accidentally losing unsaved data or overwriting files.  Another good feature is the option to password-protect your pages.  OneNote is like having a very organized electronic notebook (think Trapper Keeper binders that we used to have back in our school days) – with lock and key!

I’m actually enjoying using Microsoft Office 2007 at the office, but will I spring for Office 2008 for Mac to use at home?  Nah.  Still can’t bring myself to purchase software with a hefty price tag.  I’m still good with my WriteRoom-NeoOffice combo.  I’m such a skinflint, but hey, why not if there’s plenty of good, free software out there?