We went to the hot air balloon fest at Clark Air Field in Pampanga last Saturday, which was Day 3 of the event. Here’s an account of our day, including some photos that I shot (using a point-and-shoot digicam). IBM, where Tin works, organized the trip and she invited us to sign up since it wasn’t exclusive to IBM employees. The bus left Eastwood at around 4.30 a.m. and we were already at Clark at past 6 in the morning. We arrived in time to catch the beautiful sunrise and the flag ceremony, in which a skydiver jumped bearing the Philippine flag as the national anthem was being played. What a sight to behold.



The Balloons

What balloons? Unfortunately, beginners’ luck wasn’t with us at our first-ever hot air balloon fest. The wind was so strong and gusty that the balloons weren’t even able to inflate, let alone take off. They tried to do cold air inflation, but still to no avail. The cold winds made me feel like we were more in Tagaytay than in Clark. All of my previous visits to Clark and other places in Central Luzon were just marked by heat that it really felt strange to feel chilly that morning.

They tried inflating the balloons again in the evening, but the weather just wasn’t cooperating. It was as gusty as it was in the morning. Two balloons were able to inflate successfully, but they weren’t able to sustain it, deflating again after only a few minutes. Needless to say that not a single hot air balloon took flight that day. Oh well, better luck next year, since we definitely plan to be back…and this time with DSLRs in hand, hehe.

What we were left with, especially in the evening, was some sort of torch show, instead of the usual night glow of the hot air balloons. They just made an exhibition out of lighting the hot air balloon torches. Here are my other favorite shots of the day:

Paraglider at sunrise

Twin Fires

Kite season


Malaysian paraglider

The Air Show

Not as visually spectacular as the hot air balloons would have been, but the aerobatics show was still amazing! I actually felt my heartbeats quicken as the pilots brought their planes so high up in the sky in a vertical position and then do a loop, usually staying upside down for several seconds. Oh dear, I would both love and hate in equal measures to be related or married to those pilots.


Upside down

Other images from the hot air balloon fiesta:

cold-air-inflation.jpg   sun-and-wind.jpg  red-and-white-helis.jpg  rainbow-ringlet.jpg

the-lady-and-the-mimes.jpg  3-girls.jpg  3-girls_2-legs.jpg  glide.jpg

skydivers-2.jpg   skydiver-3.jpg