Dumaguete City still hasn’t failed to charm visitors, at least the ones I know.   My officemate just spent her birthday weekend there and came back with a lot of love for the place.  Now I’m so jealous that I’m promising myself to try very hard to go back before the year ends.

I can’t wait for another sunrise, mid-morning, sunset, evening stroll at the boulevard; another bite of budbud kabog, sans rival and other Dumaguete delicacies; another encounter with the great people of the city; another meal at the different restaurants that the place has to offer.  My favorite spa place has already burned down, but there’ll be other spas.  Most of all, I am really looking forward to spending an entire weekend in Dumaguete the next time around.  I’ve never really had the luxury of so much time in the city in 4 previous visits, but not anymore.  This time around, all I’ll ever really need aside from cash of course, are a pen, notebook, and a camera.  And there’ll be no more pressure to go to the must-see places in the city.  I’ll just go where my eyes and my feet lead me.  God, I hope this really comes to pass.