Last Saturday was spent in good company – with good food. I can’t believe now that I feasted on Italian and then Thai food in a span of 4 hours! First up was an early dinner (wonder what the evening counterpart of ‘brunch’ is called) with former officemates at Amici in Don Bosco Makati. I really missed the crew and that reunion was as rowdy and laughter-filled as expected. The worst part about resigning was leaving them behind. I was reunited with Jeff and JC (the first ones who left) at my new job, but it’s different when we’re all together.

We ordered 4-cheese pizza with pepperoni to share and a pasta dish each. I ordered the linguine pesto. It was ok, but I’ve tasted better, somewhat of a let-down after the great reviews I’ve heard about the pasta in Amici. I loved the pizza though. And the gelato afterwards was just divine! Very creamy and tasty, a lot like the original Magnolia ice cream.

The gang:



We left Amici at past 7 pm, so that was supposed to be dinner already, right? But I got home to find my cousins there, and they ordered Thai food from this little, authentic Thai restaurant on the street behind our house. Authentic because it’s owned by a Thai man (who happens to be our second cousin’s husband), who also does most of the cooking. My cousin ordered my favorite Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Mango Salad, Pork with Bagoong Rice and a spicy beef dish.  I said I was going to eat only a very light dinner, perhaps just a taste of this and that, but I just couldn’t resist!  And it’s very hard not to eat when you’re in good company.

It was my tita’s last weekend here before she heads back to New York, so it’s been a busy family week.  One good thing about it – I’m getting my room back.  I miss my bed, on which I haven’t slept for a month! 😀