…and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I missed my rain.   Throughout the early morning, Basil Valdez’ Tuwing Umuulan kept playing in my head.  In fact, I was singing it aloud at one point, prompting my dad to ask if I had a toothache or any other problem causing me to moan.  Haha, funny dad. :-s  I was still singing the song softly while I was walking in the rain.  I was sleepy, but in a kick-ass happy mood…that was briefly interrupted by that elevator incident (see previous post).

It has stopped raining now, but it’s still cloudy outside.  I love the city in this weather, but at the same time, it makes me itch to hop on a plane and head over to the Visayas or to any other place in the countryside.  Anyway, just a month to go and I’ll be seeing the shores of Capiz once more.