It’s a Friday morning, and once more, there’s extra activity at the corner of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas.  Plants are wrapped in green protective netting, buildings are boarding up, and Paseo de Roxas is lined with TV vans, satellites, and power generators.   You guessed it, there’s a rally again this afternoon.  At first glance, it seemed ordinary to me.  I’m already used to the scene that greeted me.  However, for some reason, I suddenly got goose bumps.  Could it be a portent of things to come?  Will today’s rally be different from all the previous ones?  Let’s wait and see.

On the way to work, we were stuck in very heavy traffic in Rosario, Pasig.  We thought it was the usual Friday morning rush hour traffic.  However, we saw the real reason at the foot of the Rosario bridge.  There was a mini-checkpoint – a policeman standing beside a freshly painted sign that said “No Plates, No Travel”.  Duh.  The driver and the two other regular passengers that he was conversing with about the current political issues all shook their heads.  How fitting – they were just talking about how the police and the military block passengers from the provinces on their way to Manila on the suspicion that they are on their way to participate in the rallies.  And then we saw that flimsy excuse for a checkpoint.  One passenger said that it might be a ruse to block people from Tanay, Antipolo and other places in Rizal who might be going to Makati for the rally.  This tactic is so old its wrinkles have wrinkles.  Wala nang igagasgas pa.

The excuses and strategies of the Arroyo administration are so flimsy that even a child most likely won’t believe them.  That’s what makes me angry, the way that they undermine our intelligence and logic.  The conceit of this administration is just immeasurable.  But as they say, the higher you set yourself up, the greater the fall.

All the actions right now are great, but what I also want is a follow through once GMA is out of office, whether through forced ouster or end-of-term.  An honest-to-goodness prosecution and not just some petty revenge plot by political rivals.  But then again, am I looking at an impossible dream here?  Because as sure as I am that the stay-in-power strategy machine runs 24 hours a day, the cover-up machine is also running simultaneously.  The Housekeeping Department is certainly on maximum overtime.