I am in a place in my life right now that is filled with CHARACTERS, not just ordinary people.  It’s great fodder for stories, but if the pattern continues, I just might shift gears and become a comedy writer!  The characters I encounter each day are great for sitcoms.   Even the girl who pushed me in the elevator, who so infuriated me a week ago, seemed funny to me once I calmed down.

I am currently surrounded by the following characters, some of whom are always guaranteed to elicit at least one loud laugh a day:  a grown man who looks, talks and acts so much like the typical boy that gets bullied at school and in the playground; the tech geek who always tends to mess up something or do odd things; the mysterious guy who’s forever wearing brown-tinted glasses and who we always catch at the foodcourt no matter what time of the day we go there; a guy who’s the epitome of ‘boy bastos’ but never really gets the girl and is not really the cool guy and smooth operator that he pretends to be; the petite girl who looks straight out of an anime; the sexy hunk who is so cool and seems so confident and unflappable no matter what; the sales agent who often has his bag with him no matter where he goes and looks so harassed, complete with untucked shirt, as though someone just had her way with him 😉 ; the food servers who are perpetually in slow motion, even when they talk.

Me and my officemates always have fun making up stories of different scenarios involving these personalities.  We come up with stories on why they look that way or why they have that kind of personality. It actually all started when we were tasked to make storyboards for ads to be placed on YouTube.  We needed inspiration and we realized that we didn’t need to look very far to find interesting characters who can have infinitely comedic storylines.  They’re all in one building.

Can’t wait to start on those storyboards…and I hope it gets the boss’ approval.