Perhaps it had something to do with the Friendster message I got yesterday, but my last song syndrome this morning was our high school graduation song, Questions.  It’s a school tradition.  Every graduating batch has the same graduation song. I already lost my sheet music so I could no longer trace the composer/s. I’m quite sure that it wasn’t a Filipino, and no amount of Googling could lead me to any information about the song. So please, if anyone out there has a recording of the song, or even the sheet music, get in touch with me through this blog.

Here are the lyrics:

Someday soon, we will not be young

What will you and I have done

Will the world be a better place

Or will it remain just as its always been


Someday soon, when we’re not so young

Will we too have lost the chance

Or will we hear, hear them all exclaim

Yes the world has changed just coz we happened here


You and I are all we have to change the world

You and I that’s all it takes to change the world


You and I, do we share the dream

Can we really change it all

Time is short, everyday must count

Every moment counts

We will not be young for long