Do you remember the 1998 movie, “Sliding Doors” starring Gwyneth Paltrow?  It was one of her lesser known movies but one of her best, in my opinion.  I liked the premise of the movie – the vastly differing turn of events that result from two alternative situations.  One part of the movie depicted events after Gywneth’s character was able to enter the train before the doors closed.  A parallel story ran, which showed what would have happened instead if she had missed the train by a split-second.  Nice movie; watch it.

Last night, I was able to catch the MRT just as the doors were closing.  In fact, the doors actually closed on me, squashing my body a little!  Darn sensor.  Actually, I had no choice but to really make a go for it since I was with Tricia, and she was already way inside the train.  Anyway, as I finally found my bearing after catching the train, I suddenly remembered “Sliding Doors”.  Hmm…wonder what would’ve happened had I been left behind on the platform?   Would there really be a life-altering sequence of events unbeknownst to me, just like in the movie?  Or what major chain of events could have been set forth caused by my being able to catch the train?  Or am I just being a tad dramatic again?  Yes, I think that last one may just be it. 😉