I had a great Friday night – an impromptu dinner with high school friends! It’s been a while since what’s left of our original barkada were complete for a meal outside of a special occasion. I was just supposed to meet with Trina to sign something, then it turned out that Anna, Rebs and Claudes could make it. Trina’s husband followed, and Rebs brought along her new boyfriend. It was a fun evening filled with laughter and stories old and new.

We had dinner at Burgoo at The Podium. Nothing beats a great Friday evening with some of my oldest friends. Since we all share a common passion for traveling, a Baguio travel plan was immediately hatched, complete with seat plan, taking less than 10 minutes. We’re taking 5 kids with us (aged 8-4 months), with only 1 yaya. I can just imagine what a chaotic, happy bunch we’ll be. We’ll just be using 2 big vehicles and we’re staying in 1 house. Fun! I hope we’ll really get to go on the date we planned. If not, we’ll just have to keep postponing until we finally get to go! Baguio or bust. When I told my dad about it, he laughed and said he was so amused that I’m already doing that kind of stuff. He said he and my mom were veterans at such kind of trips. Indeed, they were! I still remember all those Baguio trips of my childhood.

Anyway, here are the pics: