On Chapter 14 already. Let me clarify what I said in an earlier post that I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying it not in a sense that I find joy in the events in the story, but in the sense that I’m not having difficulties in understanding it in spite of the deep Tagalog.

It’s actually quite painful to read, seeing the parallelisms to what’s actually happening in Philippine society today. The novel was set in the period shortly after World War II, but it seems like nothing has changed since then. The villains, their traits and their stories still ring true to this day. You would think that there would have been some improvement given that the events happened at a time of war and shortly thereafter, when the moral compass tends to go awry. But now, at a time of relative peace and progress, you would have expected better of government, civic, and society leaders. Instead, the cancer apparently was never cured. Maybe it just went on remission for brief periods, but the tumors always grew back.  I wonder if the cure will ever be found and when it will happen.  Will we have to wait another century?