Day 2

Saturday, May 17, was Tintin’s birthday. I set the alarm for 5am so we could go sunrise-watching. Still no luck. It was raining hard when the alarm sounded. We woke up at around 8am. The rain had stopped, but there were still dark clouds overhead. After breakfast, we finally had the chance to spend some time at the ocean – not to swim and do usual things people do in beaches, but just to take pictures and look, walk and play around.  The waves were still huge and the water was still chocolate brown from the bad weather.  Every now and then, we had to run back inside since it would suddenly rain hard for a short while then stop again.  The rest of the day was spent exploring Takatuka and taking photos.  It was really fortunate that Takatuka was such a crazy, creative resort such that we never got bored and we never felt like our trip was a waste because of the bad weather.

Day 3

The sun shone for the first time!  Alas, the sunrise was behind the resort.  I really felt like screaming, “Come on, give us a break!” Haha!  The sun was up, but it was still a long way off from “beach weather”.  This is one beach trip wherein we never got to wear swimsuits and we went home with all our clothes dry.

We finally took the car service back to Bacolod City, and the trip took only 3 hours.  We left Sipalay at 10.30am and was at the Silay airport at 2pm, after some stops at in Bacolod to buy our favorite treats and pasalubong.  And then…

…our 5.20pm flight was able to take off at 8pm!!!  Our consolation was that at least the airport was nice.  Imagine being stuck that long in the old Bacolod airport!

Misadventures aside, it was still a good trip.  Out of the ordinary, if nothing else.  In fact, it seemed like every stage had a twist.  Loved it!

Next up: photos!