They got their fairy tale endings, after all. Even the girl who didn’t really believe in it got hers in a “Big” way. I’ve been a fan of the show since shortly after it started, and I find myself relating to it more now that I’m in my 30s too. I loved the series finale, but I just wanted one last fix of the girls and MR. BIG!!! And I did something that’s such a girl thing: I wore a dress to the screening. Nothing fancy, but still… Somehow, it didn’t feel right to watch Sex and the City in ordinary casual clothes.

The series ended four years ago, but the main characters have aged gracefully and still looked hot on screen. The only one who looked like he aged a lot was the guy who played Smith. Charlotte has never been my favorite, but I really loved her character in the movie version. In fact, she got my biggest laugh! And it was her scene that finally got Carrie out of her “Mexico-ma”.

The romantic in me wanted Samantha and Smith to still end up together, but the fan in me thought that it was just right that she let go of him in the end. The reason and the way she did it – Samantha all the way! And the sushi scene – gosh, that was hilarious.

The movie will not win much favor from critics, but it was never meant to. It was created for the fans of the show, and should be viewed with that in mind. It’s essentially a feel-good movie, which is at the same time a goodbye and a tribute to four well-loved TV characters and their posse. And finally, we learn Big’s full name and Samantha’s real age!

I loved the movie, but the middle part was a bit dragging. I guess I was just used to the fast pace of the series – 30 minutes as opposed to the almost 2 1/2-hour movie. At one point, I felt like saying “Just get to the ending already!” And when it finally did, I was happy. No more asking for more. It ended just right.

The only real downer was that Philippine viewers got the sanitized version! There were a number of very obvious cuts, judging by the soundtrack. What I really hated was when a part of Carrie’s narration was cut. Come on! Some of the jokes also lost their zing because of the cuts. Anyway, I’m just looking forward to the DVD release.

Ok, I just have to say this. The most romantic part of the movie: At the end of the wedding, when Big (really can’t call him John) whispered a quote from Beethoven’s love letter to Carrie: “Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours“. Sigh.