I love airports! I even wrote about it in one post.  Bacolod got a brand-new airport this year, but it is not actually in Bacolod!  It’s in Silay City, which is about 30-45 minutes away from the center of Bacolod City.  The new airport is very nice, and it’s about time that Negros got one like it.  The old airport was just so bad.  The arrival area actually looks more like a hangar.

The new airport opened just a few months ago, so it’s still sparkling new.  It even has that “new car (er, airport) smell”, hehe.  It’s not open the entire day, unlike the airports in Manila.  It closes after the last morning flight and reopens at 3pm.  We arrived too early for our 5.20 flight and had to wait outside.  It’s a good thing that they put a cafe (Fiorgelato) at the outside lobby so the early birds will have a place to hang out and eat.

The downside to the new airport is its location.  It is located in Silay (which is also a city), but in an isolated area.   Cheap public transportation is a problem.  There are no metered taxis or jeepneys anywhere near the terminal.  The only way for tourists and those without private cars to pick them up to get to Bacolod City or anywhere else in the province is through hired taxis/cars at a quite expensive fixed rate depending on the destination; or the shuttle to certain drop off points in Bacolod City for P100/head.  The shuttle is good if you have minimal luggage and going anywhere in the vicinity of the city center.  Otherwise, you really have no choice but to take a hired car.

What’s cheap is the terminal fee – P30.  That’s cheap for a brand new airport, considering that here in Manila, we pay P200 for the ugly, old domestic terminal.  It’s ok to pay that amount for the Centennial terminal, but the domestic one?! Rip-off!

All that said, I like the new airport except for the location.




One of the tubes

Outside lobby

Welcome to Negros

Tarmac signage

Moon – I’ve always wanted to take a photo of an airplane taking off or landing, and I thought that it was finally my chance to do so, since the departure lounge doubles as a view deck.  Alas, a flight delay got in the way, and darkness fell without even a single plane arriving.  This was the shot I got instead:

And of course, the travelers, still smiling through the flight delay 😉