Our high school barkada has been seeing quite a lot of each other this past month and a half.  It was school that brought us together and cemented our friendship, and it was also something that had to do with our school that jump-started the spate of get-togethers.  And less than two weeks from now, we’ll be heading off for a weekend in Baguio – the first time we’ll travel as a complete group, plus kids, husband and boyfriend!

We never really lost touch and lost our closeness since high school, but there were times when it would really be long months or even years (in Anna’s case) before we would all be together in one place.  And now, because of that thing to do with our school, we’re always complete (well, what’s left of the original group that is).  I’m really happy with everything taking place because as great as my other friendships are, nothing beats what I have with the girls!

Here we are at the baptism reception of Yan, Trina’s daughter: