Here I go again with my thing for trying out new or majorly updated apps.  And this time, I must say that the Mac user in me loved the Firefox 3 beta right off the bat.  The updated interface now looks like a native Mac app.  I’m still on Tiger, but I think it would look even better with Leopard, since it matches Leopard’s darker theme.  Plus, I love the Growl support!  Too most of my add-ons are not yet compatible with this version.  I’ll miss StumbleUpon until they update it for compatibility with Firefox 3.

Here’s a screenshot:

It still doesn’t open as fast as Camino does, but it loads pages fast!  I think I’m going back to Firefox for the new and enhanced features, as well as the integrated interface.  I just might be part of those helping Firefox set a Guiness World Record for most number of downloads on Release Day. 😉