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It’s THAT kind of day

Ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right?  Where there’s always a hitch at every turn?  It’s THAT day for me today.  All these happened before the morning was over:

  • ATM machine ate my card as soon as I inserted it – and it’s payday!
  • It seemed like every smoker I encountered on the streets blew their smoke towards my face
  • This person seated behind me in the shuttle kept hitting my nape with her folder and the documents she was reading
  • A driver sped up towards me just as I was crossing the street – on the pedestrian lane!
  • I decided to console myself with a Dark Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks.  I could already taste it even when I was still in the shuttle.  Only to be told by the barista that the promo was over!  Apparently, it wasn’t part of the regular drinks.
  • My work PC was buggy and extra slow right at the moment when I was multi-tasking
  • Now this one’s kinda funny.  This BBC article came up on my feed reader:  It had the headline “Singles face Alzheimer’s risk”.  At least it made me laugh, but a kind of laugh that sounded like “ok, what else is coming?“.

Tanya said maybe I should reverse my clothes to ward off all the bad vibes (very tempting to do that!) or maybe Crowley (read Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) is just messing with me.  Well then, calling on Aziraphale: you’re seeing a wile, please thwart! 😀


Happy, Perky Day

The closest encounter yet with The Enigma.  Trish is so right, there’s really something about the elevators. 😉

Then JC came back from The Fort bearing a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, with a Hershey’s Dark Chocolate variant specially for me – right when I was drinking coffee.

Aah…natural high, caffeine jolt, and sugar rush.  I’m a little too jumpy to focus on work so I took this blog break.  Gotta go and find some way to channel all the adrenaline.

Gadget Lust

I’ve never been a gadget freak, and I definitely can’t bring myself to splurge on even just one gadget.  The one exception is my Mac.  Case in point:  I only change cellphones everytime I renew my Smart contract and sometimes I even choose the free or lowest-priced phone if it’s good enough.  As long as I can text, call and listen to music with it, I’m fine.  However, something’s making me seriously lust for the iPhone or at least the iPod Touch – the iTunes App Store!

Don’t get me wrong, I still wouldn’t be able to bring myself to purchase expensive apps, but just the free ones or the less expensive but great ones are good enough for me.  And WordPress for iPhone/iPod Touch just went live today!  Wow, blogging on the go on a touch screen with a camera (iPhone) and QWERTY keypad.  Sweet!  A new way to be entertained and be productive while stuck in traffic, hehe.

Now I’m in a dilemma when Globe finally brings the iPhone to the Philippines and they offer it at a really good price.  I really want to stick to Smart because I’ve never had a problem with them from the very start, and signal coverage is simply terrific.  I’ve been to a number of backwoods places in the Philippines and still managed to see signal bars on my phone.  But if Globe has really great plan packages for the iPhone…darn!  And as if to taunt me further, my Smart plan is up for retention in September, just about the time that Globe will release the iPhone.  I know I could just have someone buy an iPhone in the U.S. and have it unlocked to work with Smart, but I just have this thing for not tampering with gadgets and voiding warranties.

Right now, I’m seriously lusting after the iPod Touch, and I’m making little bets with myself as to whether I’ll be able to hold off til after the Macworld in January, hehe.  Apple just might release an updated version.  Aargh…must distract self. 😀

The lighting was just beautiful as I stepped out of the office at around 6.30 this evening.  Too bad I had no camera in my bag.  It was not quite dark yet.  There were light gray clouds overhead and the sun was trying very hard to shine through.   The air was really cool and the street scene and cityscape appeared so clear.  It seemed like there wasn’t any trace of smog.

The most beautiful scene yet appeared as I was on the MRT, approaching Boni Station.  The sunset was in different shades of orange with tinges of pink, and the sky around it was a grayish lilac.  The setting sun reflected beautifully on the dusk-darkened Pasig River.

It was the kind of cityscape, color and lighting that would inspire painters, photographers and writers and all other creative people.  It really pays to randomly look up at the sky and down at the water anywhere you may be.  You never know when you’ll get treated to a free exhibit of nature’s art.

A few days ago, I read an article in the Philippine Star that really disturbed me.  Hundreds of dead penguins have been washing up in Brazil for the past two months.  Most of them are baby penguins.  Rescuers and experts are divided over the causes.  Some say that overfishing has led penguins farther out in the sea to look for food, making them more vulnerable to stronger currents.  On the other hand, some rescuers believe that pollution is to blame.  There is an oil field near the shores of Rio de Janeiro and some penguins that washed up were drenched in oil.  A biologist also suggested weather problems as another possible cause, with global warming creating more cyclones and rougher seas.

One or all of these explanations could be the true culprit/s, but the common thread is the human hand.  Even the weather-related theory can be attributed to human actions.  We are the ones taking care of our planet, after all.

I remember a public service TV ad many years ago, with the catchphrase “Ang basurang itinapon mo, babalik sa iyo.” (Roughly translated:  The trash you throw will come back to you) It showed people carelessly throwing trash everywhere.  Then it showed a rain scene, and when the boy opened the door of their house, it was flooded and all the trash entered their home.  It may have been a very literal interpretation, but it still struck a chord.

Some people say that you can’t change the world, but that’s not really true.  We all leave environmental footprints, and even the smallest or lightest footprint can change a landscape.  I hope everyone lets go of the mentality that doing little things for the environment will not mean anything in the face of much more and much bigger pollutants.  How does all change begin anyway?  Through action.

Again quoting one of my all-time favorite Apple ads: “…the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”  Probably merely a clever marketing line, but crazily enough, I wholeheartedly believe it.  It doesn’t have to happen in our generation, in our lifetime, but we CAN change the world.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us… – John Lennon

The Dark Knight

This completed one of my best movie days ever.  After the very light hearted Mamma Mia! – and some shopping and eating – we ended the evening with The Batman and The Joker.  We hardly noticed how long this movie was, and there were times when we would really be leaning forward from our seats.  The Dark Knight is gripping.

Batman is one of my favorite superheroes because of the fact that he does not have supernatural powers, so it follows that I loved this movie because it showed a very human Batman.  He was portrayed as more of a human hero than a superhero.

And as much as Mamma Mia belongs to Meryll Streep, this is The Joker’s – and Heath Ledger’s – movie.  Again quoting Anna, “This has the best interpretation of The Joker’s character.”  It veers away from a cartoonish Joker and shows a true menace – a terrorist in modern world terms.

Before watching this movie, I thought that they could be over-hyping and over-praising Heath Ledger.  But his performance really deserves all the kudos.  He is a very tough act to follow for the next actor who will portray The Joker.  Heath Ledger just owned the character, right down to the littlest nuances and mannerisms.  And the way he blended the funny and the terrifying was just masterful.

I’m glad that the Batman movie franchise is back on the right path after the disaster of the Joel Schumacher editions.

Mamma Mia!

Oh, my!  I loved this movie!  This was the first half of our mini-movie marathon at Trinoma yesterday.  As Anna said, “It’s the best cheesy movie.”  Haha!  Meryll Streep was simply fabulous.  Now that she’s done it, I couldn’t imagine any other actress for the movie role.  The rest of the cast weren’t bad either.  They had no inhibitions, which is necessary for them to pull off a musical such as this.  My other favorite part aside from Meryll Streep?  Colin Firth!  Not just because he’s my crush, but for his trademark deadpan comedy and how he performed the twist in his role.  It just came out so funny!  All I could think of the whole time was “OMG, my crush!  What the…!”  Definitely a departure from his stereotypical “stuffy Englishguy” roles.  Now I think I have to watch the Pride and Prejudice mini-series again to get that hip-swivelling Colin image out of my head.

Mamma Mia was one of the rare movies that made me laugh, cry, sing (in my head) and dance (tapping my feet to the music).  I really had to restrain myself from singing out loud and getting up to dance – a VERY BAD idea given my non-talents in the area.  But I’m guessing I’m not alone in this.  According to Anna, the sweethearts seated beside her were also singing softly, even doing the duets as well.

I think this was also the first time that I’ve heard a film audience display their “kilig” loudly.  All kinds of kilig sounds were really heard throughout the theater.  This happened when Pierce Brosnan proposed.  Aww…..

But really, this movie belongs to Meryll Streep.  There’s something wrong if she doesn’t get at least an Oscar nomination for this one.

Wishing for October

This afternoon, out of the blue, Jeff asked me if we could extend our Dumaguete trip in October.  Instead of returning to Manila on a Sunday, he asked if we could leave the following day instead.  He felt that he wouldn’t be able to have enough of the place in a little less than 3 full days.

Of course I had no problem with that. 😉  I’m actually happy that he suggested it.  Too bad that Tricia can’t extend too.  When we first planned that trip, we thought a Friday-Sunday schedule would be just fine.  At least we’ll only miss one day of work.  What we quite forgot was that it was going to be Jeff’s first time in Dumaguete.  And he kept hearing about the place in glowing terms, so I guess he really wants more time to explore.  Plus, I also mentioned that I’d love to see Siquijor too, since Trish and my other friends who’ve already been there liked the place.  We still have to fix our itinerary, but I think we might be able to squeeze in a hop to Siquijor.

Can’t wait to rebook our flight to extend our return date.  I have no other concretely scheduled trips til then so I’m getting quite antsy, hehe.

The tide is turning

We met with an events/marketing company last Friday to discuss how they could help us with our local marketing efforts.  I enjoyed that meeting, and at some point, it hit me:  I’m now on the opposite side of the table, figuratively.  For most of my career, I was the one on the other side – listening to clients as they introduce their product and tell us what they require, then feeling the excitement as well as the pressure to deliver.

I also couldn’t help remembering how some clients sometimes made work life hell for us.  I promise to try very hard not to pass revenge forward, hehe!  I’ll be nice to the agency people. 😀

I’m enjoying work right now, except for two glitches – The Slimy Wimp, and the fact that Tricia’s moved to a new job.  I would have loved to go through this ride with her, but she’s also loving her new work, so I’m really glad for her.  With regard to the first glitch, I could happily make his life miserable, but why bother?  Aside from the obvious moral consequences, I’d much rather pour my energy into doing a great job.  That is killing two birds with one stone, a subtle revenge, haha!  You pretty much can’t go wrong when you do your job right and well!  In the end, results always win over pretty words and petty maneuverings.

A Re-discovered Book Heaven

I felt like getting lost in rows and rows of bookshelves before going home tonight.  I’ve already had enough of Powerbooks Megamall and Fully Booked Gateway, so I decided on a new venue – the National Bookstore Super Branch in Cubao, right beside Gateway Mall.  Guess what?  I scored a great find!  Terry Prachett’s illustrated The Last Hero – for only P355.  I haven’t seen it in any of the other bookstores that I frequent.  Maybe a lot of people here already have a copy of that, but I’m a belated reader of the genre (thanks to Tanya and Trish for getting me into it) so I’m really happy about it.

I’ve also rediscovered the fourth floor of this particular National Bookstore.  It’s filled with bargain books (almost everything goes for only P200) and anyone with the patience – and time – to comb through miles of shelf space will surely emerge with great finds.

This branch was my favorite stop-over before going home back in college.  The emergence of Powerbooks and Fully Booked, plus working in Ortigas and Makati (rarely passing Cubao on the way home) eventually pushed it towards the back of my head.  Now I’m really glad to be reacquainted with my old book haven.  As my officemates and I discussed during lunch break yesterday, at least our addiction is not on drugs or anything harmful and wasteful. 🙂