Warning:  Guys, stop reading if this isn’t your thing. 😉

Hail the healing powers of the salon!  One trip there, and I’m fine now.

This hasn’t been a very good week for me.  I got a bit stressed at work, then my supervisor did something that, though not done to me directly, really pissed me off.  I’m leaving it at that; it’ll just be a waste of blog space.  To cap off the bad week, I got splashed by a speeding jeepney this morning!  At least I was wearing a short, sporty black dress and only the hem and my bare left calf got wet, but still, eewwww and really irritating!  My officemate asked me if I do swear, and I said rarely, but I definitely did this morning.  I also had to fight off the very strong urge to throw something at that jeepney.  The thought that it had passengers stopped me.  Things didn’t really improve when I reached the office.  Nothing worse happened, but then nothing really great also happened.  Well, there was this spitting image of The Enigma, but it was just a one-off, fleeting moment.

So, I headed straight to Ménage at Gateway Mall after leaving the office and had my hair chopped.  It’s now just an inch below the chin (or 1/2 inch if you start measuring from the double chin, haha!).  More than the haircut, I thoroughly enjoyed the cold compress on the eyes, forehead and neck, the shampoo, and the head massage.  Every time I go to a salon, I am strongly tempted to offer to pay extra for them to prolong the entire routine, heehee!

So, sisters, next time you feel like throwing things or pouting and sulking til kingdom come, head to the salon – or just go do any downright girly thing, anything that will put a smile instead of wrinkles on your face. 🙂