I felt like getting lost in rows and rows of bookshelves before going home tonight.  I’ve already had enough of Powerbooks Megamall and Fully Booked Gateway, so I decided on a new venue – the National Bookstore Super Branch in Cubao, right beside Gateway Mall.  Guess what?  I scored a great find!  Terry Prachett’s illustrated The Last Hero – for only P355.  I haven’t seen it in any of the other bookstores that I frequent.  Maybe a lot of people here already have a copy of that, but I’m a belated reader of the genre (thanks to Tanya and Trish for getting me into it) so I’m really happy about it.

I’ve also rediscovered the fourth floor of this particular National Bookstore.  It’s filled with bargain books (almost everything goes for only P200) and anyone with the patience – and time – to comb through miles of shelf space will surely emerge with great finds.

This branch was my favorite stop-over before going home back in college.  The emergence of Powerbooks and Fully Booked, plus working in Ortigas and Makati (rarely passing Cubao on the way home) eventually pushed it towards the back of my head.  Now I’m really glad to be reacquainted with my old book haven.  As my officemates and I discussed during lunch break yesterday, at least our addiction is not on drugs or anything harmful and wasteful. 🙂