We met with an events/marketing company last Friday to discuss how they could help us with our local marketing efforts.  I enjoyed that meeting, and at some point, it hit me:  I’m now on the opposite side of the table, figuratively.  For most of my career, I was the one on the other side – listening to clients as they introduce their product and tell us what they require, then feeling the excitement as well as the pressure to deliver.

I also couldn’t help remembering how some clients sometimes made work life hell for us.  I promise to try very hard not to pass revenge forward, hehe!  I’ll be nice to the agency people. 😀

I’m enjoying work right now, except for two glitches – The Slimy Wimp, and the fact that Tricia’s moved to a new job.  I would have loved to go through this ride with her, but she’s also loving her new work, so I’m really glad for her.  With regard to the first glitch, I could happily make his life miserable, but why bother?  Aside from the obvious moral consequences, I’d much rather pour my energy into doing a great job.  That is killing two birds with one stone, a subtle revenge, haha!  You pretty much can’t go wrong when you do your job right and well!  In the end, results always win over pretty words and petty maneuverings.