This afternoon, out of the blue, Jeff asked me if we could extend our Dumaguete trip in October.  Instead of returning to Manila on a Sunday, he asked if we could leave the following day instead.  He felt that he wouldn’t be able to have enough of the place in a little less than 3 full days.

Of course I had no problem with that. 😉  I’m actually happy that he suggested it.  Too bad that Tricia can’t extend too.  When we first planned that trip, we thought a Friday-Sunday schedule would be just fine.  At least we’ll only miss one day of work.  What we quite forgot was that it was going to be Jeff’s first time in Dumaguete.  And he kept hearing about the place in glowing terms, so I guess he really wants more time to explore.  Plus, I also mentioned that I’d love to see Siquijor too, since Trish and my other friends who’ve already been there liked the place.  We still have to fix our itinerary, but I think we might be able to squeeze in a hop to Siquijor.

Can’t wait to rebook our flight to extend our return date.  I have no other concretely scheduled trips til then so I’m getting quite antsy, hehe.