Oh, my!  I loved this movie!  This was the first half of our mini-movie marathon at Trinoma yesterday.  As Anna said, “It’s the best cheesy movie.”  Haha!  Meryll Streep was simply fabulous.  Now that she’s done it, I couldn’t imagine any other actress for the movie role.  The rest of the cast weren’t bad either.  They had no inhibitions, which is necessary for them to pull off a musical such as this.  My other favorite part aside from Meryll Streep?  Colin Firth!  Not just because he’s my crush, but for his trademark deadpan comedy and how he performed the twist in his role.  It just came out so funny!  All I could think of the whole time was “OMG, my crush!  What the…!”  Definitely a departure from his stereotypical “stuffy Englishguy” roles.  Now I think I have to watch the Pride and Prejudice mini-series again to get that hip-swivelling Colin image out of my head.

Mamma Mia was one of the rare movies that made me laugh, cry, sing (in my head) and dance (tapping my feet to the music).  I really had to restrain myself from singing out loud and getting up to dance – a VERY BAD idea given my non-talents in the area.  But I’m guessing I’m not alone in this.  According to Anna, the sweethearts seated beside her were also singing softly, even doing the duets as well.

I think this was also the first time that I’ve heard a film audience display their “kilig” loudly.  All kinds of kilig sounds were really heard throughout the theater.  This happened when Pierce Brosnan proposed.  Aww…..

But really, this movie belongs to Meryll Streep.  There’s something wrong if she doesn’t get at least an Oscar nomination for this one.