This completed one of my best movie days ever.  After the very light hearted Mamma Mia! – and some shopping and eating – we ended the evening with The Batman and The Joker.  We hardly noticed how long this movie was, and there were times when we would really be leaning forward from our seats.  The Dark Knight is gripping.

Batman is one of my favorite superheroes because of the fact that he does not have supernatural powers, so it follows that I loved this movie because it showed a very human Batman.  He was portrayed as more of a human hero than a superhero.

And as much as Mamma Mia belongs to Meryll Streep, this is The Joker’s – and Heath Ledger’s – movie.  Again quoting Anna, “This has the best interpretation of The Joker’s character.”  It veers away from a cartoonish Joker and shows a true menace – a terrorist in modern world terms.

Before watching this movie, I thought that they could be over-hyping and over-praising Heath Ledger.  But his performance really deserves all the kudos.  He is a very tough act to follow for the next actor who will portray The Joker.  Heath Ledger just owned the character, right down to the littlest nuances and mannerisms.  And the way he blended the funny and the terrifying was just masterful.

I’m glad that the Batman movie franchise is back on the right path after the disaster of the Joel Schumacher editions.