I’ve never been a gadget freak, and I definitely can’t bring myself to splurge on even just one gadget.  The one exception is my Mac.  Case in point:  I only change cellphones everytime I renew my Smart contract and sometimes I even choose the free or lowest-priced phone if it’s good enough.  As long as I can text, call and listen to music with it, I’m fine.  However, something’s making me seriously lust for the iPhone or at least the iPod Touch – the iTunes App Store!

Don’t get me wrong, I still wouldn’t be able to bring myself to purchase expensive apps, but just the free ones or the less expensive but great ones are good enough for me.  And WordPress for iPhone/iPod Touch just went live today!  Wow, blogging on the go on a touch screen with a camera (iPhone) and QWERTY keypad.  Sweet!  A new way to be entertained and be productive while stuck in traffic, hehe.

Now I’m in a dilemma when Globe finally brings the iPhone to the Philippines and they offer it at a really good price.  I really want to stick to Smart because I’ve never had a problem with them from the very start, and signal coverage is simply terrific.  I’ve been to a number of backwoods places in the Philippines and still managed to see signal bars on my phone.  But if Globe has really great plan packages for the iPhone…darn!  And as if to taunt me further, my Smart plan is up for retention in September, just about the time that Globe will release the iPhone.  I know I could just have someone buy an iPhone in the U.S. and have it unlocked to work with Smart, but I just have this thing for not tampering with gadgets and voiding warranties.

Right now, I’m seriously lusting after the iPod Touch, and I’m making little bets with myself as to whether I’ll be able to hold off til after the Macworld in January, hehe.  Apple just might release an updated version.  Aargh…must distract self. 😀