The lighting was just beautiful as I stepped out of the office at around 6.30 this evening.  Too bad I had no camera in my bag.  It was not quite dark yet.  There were light gray clouds overhead and the sun was trying very hard to shine through.   The air was really cool and the street scene and cityscape appeared so clear.  It seemed like there wasn’t any trace of smog.

The most beautiful scene yet appeared as I was on the MRT, approaching Boni Station.  The sunset was in different shades of orange with tinges of pink, and the sky around it was a grayish lilac.  The setting sun reflected beautifully on the dusk-darkened Pasig River.

It was the kind of cityscape, color and lighting that would inspire painters, photographers and writers and all other creative people.  It really pays to randomly look up at the sky and down at the water anywhere you may be.  You never know when you’ll get treated to a free exhibit of nature’s art.