My Mac mini’s at it again.  I haven’t used it since last weekend because of a stuck DVD.  I tried all troubleshooting methods to get it out, to no avail.  I continued troubleshooting for several days, but eventually stopped for fear of seriously damaging the drive, because it wasn’t even reading the DVD anymore.  I just decided to bring it to Ynzal this weekend.  They’re waiving all service charges and having a Red Tag Sale until August 8, and I also thought it would be nice to show support to a great but now ex-Apple reseller and service center.  Read about the issue here and here.

I turned the mini on yesterday before bringing it to Ynzal, just for one last check.  And what do you know – it read the DVD and finally ejected it!  I guess I just have to put the fear of service center/repair into my Mac to make it work properly.  This is already the third time this kind of thing happened.  At least this time I didn’t make it all the way to the service center and get kind of embarrassed for bringing in a unit that actually worked perfectly once it got there.  Well, the first incident was really my fault (blush), but the second one was a mystery.

Anyway, I’m glad to once again see how good my mini has been to me for almost three years.  Probably wants to make me think twice if I eventually decide to replace her. 😀