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Overlooking Makati, Manila and Mandaluyong

Overlooking Makati, Manila and Mandaluyong

Another disturbing image of the pollution over Metro Manila.  A lot of people see this kind of thing everyday, and I wonder how they feel about it, especially those who have never lifted a finger to help protect the environment.  When I used to take the C5-Fort Bonifacio route to Makati, I would see the thick smog over the Makati CBD from Global City’s main road and badly want to leap out of the vehicle and head home – anything to avoid inhaling that air.  But I really have no choice, and who’s to say that the air is cleaner elsewhere?  However, based on experience, I think the worst air pollution is still in Makati and Manila, for obvious reasons.

Probably the only good thing to come out of the continuing increase in gasoline prices is the fact that a lot of people are now using their cars less.  The dramatic increase in MRT passengers proves it.  However, there are still plenty of smoke-belching vehicles on the streets and many other air pollutants abound.  Car owners should minimize idling and turn off the aircon and the engine while waiting for extended periods – and instruct their drivers to do the same.  And I just can’t resist griping about one of my biggest pet peeves.  Maybe this is bigotry, but I really hate passing buildings with clusters of smokers hanging out in front.  If even just a small fraction of these smokers would quit, I bet the air would also be a bit clearer – and more lungs would be too!  But I think just the opposite is happening. I think I’m seeing more and more smokers.  One of the negative effects of the call center industry?

Anyway, let’s all just do our part for a cleaner air.  If you can’t do it for the welfare of the general public, then do it for your own!  Do you seriously want to breathe dirty air?!