There has been an upsurge in interest in Marikina ever since Bayani Fernando did a masterful facelift that cleaned up and beautified the city.  Since then, many commercial, film and TV scenes have been shot in Marikina.  These have usually been confined to the more popular spots in the city, like the River Park and Riverbanks Center.

Recently though, our neighborhood has seen a spate of filming in several locations around – and from what I gather, some other parts of the city are seeing the same thing.  It’s no longer a novelty to see klieg lights, cameras, and OB vans of different production outfits.  They even filmed outside my dad’s office one time, with the leading man (a popular action star) taking refuge inside during a shooting break.  The locations they’ve chosen have nothing particularly special about them, but I think one of the reasons that they’re choosing the area is the relative quiet and privacy it provides.  The only “uziseros” they get are the residents and occasional passers-by, who mostly just stick to the sidelines.

I’m not revealing the specific locations and schedules and the movies/tv shows being filmed (because I actually have no idea about the last one, haha!) to preserve the “peace and quiet”.  But I’m fine with stuff like these breaking the “small-town” monotony once in a while.  At least it’s also entertainment and income for the city and the residents involved.