We had a meeting at DLSU the other day, and I insisted that we drop by Becky’s Kitchen before going back to the office.  I didn’t want to let the opportunity go by since the area is very much out of my usual way.  Becky’s can be found at Vito Cruz corner Bautista St. in Singalong, Manila.  It’s in an old all-white Spanish-style house, with an appropriately-styled signage.  In fact, the signage is quite easy to miss, and it doesn’t look like a bakeshop at all from the outside.  Just look for the big white house instead – THAT one you won’t miss.

Becky’s has arguably one of the best Food for the Gods in town.  Aside from that, my other favorites include Cherry Walnut Brownie, Walnut Fudge Brownie (ok, the entire brownie line!), Prune Walnut Cake, and Potato Almond Cake.  I know the last two sound kinda odd, but the taste is anything but!

Becky’s has another branch in Valle Verde I, and the pastries are also sold at the Legazpi Village Sunday Market in Makati.  Phone numbers for the Manila branch are 525-1648 and 523-4245.