There have been opposing opinions about what turned out to be a controversial portion of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies – the song number of a cute Chinese little girl.  A few days ago, it was revealed that she was actually just miming – the song was actually performed by another girl who was deemed to be not cute enough to actually go onstage at the Olympics.  Some people deplored the decision, while some were ok with it, saying that it’s just a show and whatever will make it better is just fine.  Here’s my two cents’ worth:

Lip-syncing is fine, if the person doing it is also the one who recorded it – or if the original singer is unable to perform for valid reasons.  But to substitute a performer for aesthetic reasons is just wrong.  No matter how some people give the Chinese organizers credit for their admission, the fact still remains that it wasn’t disclosed from the very beginning.  Everyone who watched the Opening Ceremonies live fully believed that it was indeed performer’s voice.  And what about the effect on the two little girls involved?  I’m just extra sensitive about how children are treated.  I felt sorry first for the original singer.  How did they tell her that she won’t be the one performing during the actual Ceremonies?  Did they tell her the real reason?  How do you tell a child that she’s not cute enough?  I couldn’t believe the reasoning of one Chinese official:  “We have to show only the best” or something to that effect.  Is beauty the only or the primary consideration for this?  Since when?  Then my officemate Clint said that he feels sorrier for the one who mimed the song and come to think of it, he may be right.  Yes, she will have excellent memories of performing during the Olympics, but what good would it be knowing that it wasn’t really her voice – and that it generated a huge controversy.

There are other “fakes” in the Beijing Olympics (some of the fireworks, anyone?) – and even in other Olympics.  But this “miming” thing just takes the cake.  It reminds us of the typical Communist tendency of glossing things over.  They present their best face to the world, no matter what it takes to achieve that “best face”.

I don’t know if I’m taking the whole thing too seriously or too negatively, but as I wrote earlier, I’m just too sensitive when children are involved.