Where were you and what were you doing on this date?  Were you already existent?  Did you know who Ninoy Aquino was?

I was seven years old, and my parents and I came home from a family day out to find my maternal grandmother in tears.  She was watching the television and pointed the news to us.  Senator Ninoy Aquino was shot as he alighted from a plane at the Manila International Airport tarmac.  My grandmother was vacationing from the States, and she was deeply saddened by what happened to Ninoy and what’s happening to the country in general.  Being a little kid, I didn’t know much about what was going on, but I did feel that it was something big.  And just like any kid, I was more fascinated with the Ninoy pins, shirts, stickers, etc.  I think I actually collected them for a brief period.  But my parents still made the effort to explain to me who Ninoy was, why he was very important to Filipinos, and why such a massive crowd marched at his burial.  It was very easy for me to understand since all my older male cousins were anti-Marcos activists, so I already had some vague concept of the importance of freedom and love of country.  The corruption part was the one I couldn’t grasp yet at that age.  What stuck to my mind was that “The Filipino is worth dying for”.

Which brings me to what’s happening in Mindanao right now.  There have already been so many senseless deaths over a matter that is being solved in a misguided way.  I am not from the region, so I do not have a full grasp of the situation and the roots of the conflict, but I am a Filipino, and it both saddens and angers me to see the fighting and what some MILF members to do their fellow Moros and Mindanaoans, their fellow Filipinos.  What’s even bad is that the proposed solutions are just making things worse.  Aaargghh!  That’s all I can say, and it’s frustrating!  It’s so easy to just wish that the spirit of Ninoy would just swoop down on the country and heal everything.  But of course that’s just escapism for a reality that’s made up of seemingly endless obstacles, dead ends and false trails.  But I know that every maze eventually has a clear exit, and I hope that it would be sooner rather than later that bloggers could write about a certain date when the right path was found.