While waiting for the Wall-E screening at the Promenade, Tin and I ventured into Gourdo’s, conveniently located beside the cinema.  We both enjoy checking out kitchen supplies and food stores, so we naturally gravitated towards Gourdo’s.  We ended up buying this cute and very functional cheese grater that solves the problem of grating your fingers once the cheese piece gets too small.  As we made one last round of the store, we found a T-shaped tool made of two pieces of light wood that’s slightly thicker than a pencil.  It had no label indicating what it is, only a price tag.  We were fascinated with it, primarily because we had absolutely no idea about its purpose.  We didn’t even know which is the right side up.  Do you use it hang something, or to whack something, etc.  We finally asked an attendant, and he told us that it’s used to flatten crepes.  Ohhh….heehee.  Well, it’s always nice to learn something new.