After more than a year, Anna and I finally got around to going back to that videoke booth at Timezone.  So if there was a deluge in your area last night, we’re really sorry.  But then again, we’re not, haha! :p  It felt so good to just let loose and belt out or at times at just sit and sing easy.  There are things that you could inflict only on family and bestfriends and in our case, it’s our singing!  Anna said that I’m the only one she could ever ask to go videoke singing with her and the only audience welcome is our high school barkada.  I agree with her 100%!

Half the fun in videoke is the repertoire.  Pa-baduyan na! What is it that makes cheesy songs so much more fun to sing?  We were enjoying it so much that we were determined to use up the P400 on her Powercard.  Well we would have, but Timezone closed before we were done.  We had a good laugh over that – napagsarahan ng videoke!  :))  Well it’s not getting us down.  We’re coming back with a vengeance soon!  I’m only in the I’s in the playlist.  Still a long way to go, hehe.  So make sure to always have an umbrella around and brace yourselves!