Anna and I just did something really silly and totally crazy!  We practiced a videoke routine via…chat!  And I don’t mean voice chat…we were copy-pasting the lyrics as we were singing separately in our own homes.  Here’s a chat excerpt:

10:21:46 PM amravillano: start ka… nung sayo
10:21:47 PM amravillano: :))

10:22:08 PM amravillano: copy and paste mo na!@
10:22:10 PM amravillano: hahaha
10:22:11 PM amravillano: =))
10:22:23 PM leah: Nothing is so good it lasts eternally
Perfect situations must go wrong
But this has never yet prevented me
Wanting far too much for far too long.
Looking back I could have played it differently
Won a few more moments who can tell
But it took time to understand the man
Now at least I know I know him well
10:22:51 PM amravillano: type mo wasnt it good
10:23:00 PM leah: Wasn’t it good?
Wasn’t he fine?
Isn’t it madness
He can’t be mine?

10:23:05 PM amravillano: isa lang…
10:23:08 PM amravillano: pano ako sasagot?
10:23:12 PM amravillano: X-(
10:23:13 PM amravillano: =))
10:23:13 PM leah: Wasn’t it good?
10:23:16 PM amravillano: Oh so good
10:23:21 PM leah: Wasn’t he fine?
10:23:24 PM amravillano: Oh so fine
10:23:28 PM leah: Isn’t it madness
10:23:32 PM amravillano: He can’t be mine?
10:23:35 PM leah: He can’t be mine?
10:23:43 PM leah: But in the end he needs
A little bit more than me —
More security
10:23:45 PM amravillano: He needs his fantasy
And freedom
10:23:55 PM leah:
I know him so well.

Thanks Anna, for this great, inane idea!  I badly needed something like this after one of my most infuriating days in the office.  This totally cooled me down and cheered me up.  I’m better armed for the next round tomorrow…plus the mountain of workload!  Oy Tricia, this is partly your fault! 😉  Hehe!  Kidding!